2018.12.3 ~ 2018.12.27 (12부작)

Cast : Kang Tae Woo, Choe Chan Yi, Jung Jin Hwan, Eom Se Ung, Shin Jeong You, Kang Hae Lim, Etc.

Director : Kim Sang Woo

Scriptwriter : Kwon Soon Kyu

A group of misfit high school students find a mysterious phone in their school’s gymnasium. 

They turn on the phone and suddenly gain super powers! Choi Chan Yi, the leader,

 possesses the ability to talk with...fried chicken! Kang Tae Woo, an otaku, gains the ability to clone himself. 

Shin Jeong You, a singer trainee, has the ability to stop time. Eom Se Woong has the power to seduce people over the phone. 

Jeong Jin Hwan, a nerd, is able to transform into Hulk Guy whenever his heart rate increases. 

Kang Hye Rim can disable other people’s superpowers.

 Together they learn how to manage their super powers while also navigating the awkward world of high school.