Cast : Dynamic Duo, Ryan Jeon, Palo Alto, Junkey, Pickboy, Seungsu Kim, Daehwi Lee, etc.

Director : Hwang Min-gyu, Kim Tae-joon, Baek Jin-soo, Kim Ja-gyeom, Hwang Kyung-hee, Kim Dong-woo, Ko Geun-yong, Lee Hyun-jin, Kang Shin-hyeong, Kim Seo-young, Lee Young-joo, Kwon Seong-eun, Jo Yu-jin

Scriptwriter : Kim Ji-eun, Park Eun-jung, Park Eun-kyung, Shim Yu-hee, Kim Saet-byul, Kim So-young, Lee Eun-ju, Ye Go-eun, Tak Won-hee, Jo Hye-jin, Choi Joo-ae, Kim Young-woong, Joo Su-yeon

Outstanding vocals, brilliant dancers, fashionable costumes and concepts, and high-quality music. "Producer" is the one who creates K-pop including all those factors of K-pop. Producers not only compose a song but also decide the overall elements connected with the song. Who will be the next K-pop No. 1 producer? Next Level! Next Generation! A music chart war of rising producers begins! This is the official producer battle.

Through new missions given each episode, producing music and preparing stage to be presented to viewers, final winner will be selected through a battle between producers. Given one mission per every two episodes, Final winner will be decided through a total of 5 matches. The final winner is determined by rankings of released mission songs.