Channel A

Queen of the Mask


Cast : Kim Sun-ah, Oh Yoon-ah, Shin Eun-jung, Yoo seon, Oh Ji-Ho, Lee Jung-Jin, Shin Ji-Hun etc.

Director : Kang Ho-joong

Scriptwriter : Im Do-wan

The lives of four women are drawn into a vortex due to one man.

Do Jae-Yi (Kim Sun-A) is a famous human rights lawyer who defends the weak. She is actually an ambitious person and she fixes the dirty deeds committed by the mayor of Tongjoo City.

Go Yoo-Na (Oh Yoon-Ah) became involved in a murder case 10 years ago and she fled to the U.S. alone. Now, Go Yoo-Na is married and has a daughter. She is happy with her life, but her daughter goes missing. To find her daughter, Go Yoo-Na returns to Korea and faces the 3 friends who abandoned her 10 years ago.

Joo Yoo-Jung (Shin Eun-Jung) is the chairwoman of an arts foundation. When she was in a moment of difficulty with her life, a man appeared in front of her. An uncomfortable situation took place ahead of her marriage with the man.

Yoon Hae-Mi (Yoo-Sun) is the vice president of Mariana Hotel. She started from the bottom and worked her way to her current position. She is the type of person that if she desires anything she won't stop until she gets what she wants.