Enemies from the Past

2017.11.27 ~ 2018.6.1 (123부작)

Cast : Choi Yoon Young, Gu Won, Ahn Jae Mo, Go Na Yeon, Han Jin Hee, Etc.

Director : Kim Heung Dong

Scriptwriter : Kim Ji Eun

After Go Ya’s dad had an affair ten years ago, she had to put college on hold and start earning 

money to support her mom and siblings. While her life was in the dumps, she met Min Ji Seok, 

who treated her special and it was the first time a boy had ever made her feel that way. They fell deeply in love.

But Ji Seok’s aunt turns out to the very woman that Go Ya’s dad had an affair with.

 So Go Ya has to choose between Ji Seok or her mom and she and Ji Seok eventually decide to lie in order to have it both ways. 

“Enemies from the Past” is a story of two families that are entangled in secrets and a bad karmic connection 

but finally find reconciliation later on through the power of forgiveness.