Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek

2013.02.04 ~ 2013.03.26 (16부작)

Cast : Jin Goo, Pasr Ha sun, Jo Hyun Jae, Han Chae Young, Etc.

Director : Park Gi Ho, Lee So Yeon

Scriptwriter : Seol Joon Seok, Lee Jae Ha, Lee Yoon Jong

Jin Gu, as the Art Director prodigy Lee Tae-baek, will portray the rise of the ‘loser’ with no credentials to the top of the industry. 

Park Ha-sun will portray the role of the intern copywriter Baek Ji-yoon of the Geumsan Ad, the industry leader in Advertising.

 A passionate and earnest woman, she will lead the drama as the leading lady and the love interest of Jin Gu. Han Chae-young, as the Account Executive of the Geumsan Ad Go Ah-ri, is a chic and alluring woman of success on the outside, but a cold realist who abandoned her love and past to seek her dream on the inside.

 A producer of the drama commented that “the title’s ‘Genius’ does not mean talent, but rather the passion of the work enabling people to be the ‘Genius’ of the work.

 We plan the drama to be a drama depicting people’s challenge towards their dreams, their struggles, and a cheer towards our viewers’ efforts to their own dreams as well.”