School 2021


Cast : Kim Yo han, Choo Woung woo, Jo E hyun, Hwang Borembyul, ETC.

Director : Kim Min tae

Scriptwriter : Dong Hee sun, Ja A ra

"School 2021" follows the life and growth of students at a vocational high school, including Gong Ki-Joon (Kim Yo-Han) and Na Geum-Young.

Gong Ki-Joon was once a taekwondo player and won the bronze medal at the National Athletics Competition, but he had a serious ankle injury. Around this time, his father's business went bankrupt. So, Gong Ki-Joon quit taekwondo and he entered the vocational high school. He has a mature personality for his age, but he doesn't know what do in front girls he likes.

Na Geum-Young is a 2nd grade student at the vocational high school. She wants to become a Youtuber and studies cooking at the vocational school. Her father runs a karaoke room on the outskirts of the town.